Club Membership and Flying Fees

Membership Fees

The Adult Full Membership fee is £335 per year per person (discounted for eligible persons).

Family Membership is £385 per year and allows up to 2 adults and 2 children <18 all living at the same address to join.

Junior/Student Membership is £65 per year. This includes a charge to cover the affiliation fee to the British Gliding Association.

Reciprocal Membership fee (for members of other clubs visiting Shalbourne) is £5 per day, waived if the visitor’s home club does not charge Reciprocal Fees to Shalbourne members.

Members wishing to keep their own glider (in its trailer) at Shalbourne pay an additional £170 per year per glider.


Type Fee
Adult £335 per year
Family £385 per year
Junior/Student £65 per year
Reciprocal £5 per day or free
Glider Storage £170 per year

Members’ Flying Fees

Winch launches are per the rates below (but each third launch on a day is free – for full members only, not reciprocals or guests, and subject to availability of aircraft, wires, ground support and DI agreement).
Flying club aircraft is charged per the rates below (excluding fixed-price deals).  Junior/student members’ fees are discounted.

New Members’ Introductory Offer: Fixed price flying fees. All launches and soaring fees in club gliders in your first 12 months for £750 (Membership fees are also required as above).

Type Fee
Winch Launch £10, 3rd launch free (for annual members)
Flying club aircraft 39 pence per minute *
Winch Launch, junior £8, 3rd launch free
Flying club aircraft, junior 29 pence per minute *
Fixed price introductory offer £750 for 12 months launches and soaring fees (does not include membership fee)

* capped at 2hrs for a pre-authorised cross-country or 2hr/5hr duration attempt

If you join after taking a Trial Lesson, the total fee can be re-calculated as if you had joined before your lesson.  This means that your first flights are charged at the club members’ rate; the Trial Lesson fee is put towards your club membership and flying fees.

Shalbourne Gliding is a Community Amateur Sports Club.  Anyone having genuine difficulty paying the standard fees above should contact the Treasurer to discuss low-cost options.

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding