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It’s been a long wait to be able to get our bums back in the air.  Instructors got a chance to fly in February thanks to the realisation from the CAA and Department of Transport that in practice instructors would be needed on the “other side”.  With the first lockdown relaxation at the end of March outdoor sports were permitted so we were able to get flying again but solo only.  Wednesday 31st March saw most of the eligible solo pilots at the club full of anticipation.  The weather co-operated by providing  a gentle breeze down the runway and not much in the way of thermals.   “Whot, no thermals – how’s that good?” do I hear you exclaim?  It meant we were able to concentrate on the tricky bits (launch and landing) and gets lots of launches in.  We crammed in an impressive 45 launches.  All short flights, unless you were flying a K6 or were Bob B in the Vega. Ken R spent an hour trying to get back to launch height.  All the club gliders were flying that day (thanks Andy B) plus private K6 and Swallow rigged.

Launch point on the 31st

On Good Friday there was a modest 18 launches.  Mostly short flights but Tim R managed 41 minutes.  Easter Saturday an even more modest 8 launches.  No flying Easter Sunday but Easter Monday was a cracker with reports of climbs to 6,700′ and climbs of 10 knots showing on the averager.  27 launches of which 6 were an hour or more.

More gliders in the air than at the launch point

On to Wednesday the 7th with a north westerly wind.  Enough to make it flippin’ cold but not enough to tickle the ridge.  Not even a glimpse of sun to clear things up a little.  Despite this there was lots of soaring on offer with cloudbase at 4,200′.  I don’t think my toes have ever been as cold as they were during my flight in HCF.  How Jim C endured two and a half hours in EEF is a mystery to me.  32 launches and almost 16 hours flown.

At the end of the day a real "birds nest" found in the winch

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