Out of Lockdown MKII

DHA’s first landing after its “holiday”

First day after lockdown and we are back and first launch was the return of the much loved K8 looking resplendent in blue.  Cloud base looked low but Bob B launched into a clear(ish) patch and with 1,200′ under his wings put it through its paces.  Paul M also launched into a gap and got 1,500′ but after that the cloud base quickly came down and down.  On any other day once the cloud base got down to 500′ gliders would have headed back to the hangar but after weeks of not flying we kept going and clocked up 17 launches before we started to get wet – no rain just water in the air.  Ah, a slight correction, 16 launches and Bill C doing a short hop.  Bill C + 2*Ken rigged their K6.  Tony P made sure the log was spot on and his home baked lemon drizzle cake went  down a treat.

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