Into Lockdown Mk II

It would appear the government looked at the weather forecast before deciding in the day on which to start lockdown.  Wednesday was forecast as a good day for flying so lockdown started the following day.  For the time of year the day was a cracker.  20 members got there bums off the ground.  Aliaksei gave SU (aka JRL) a good airing of 1:13 before it was derigged and put in its trailer making room for the K8 to make its return.  The K6 “boys” (Ken/Bill/Ken) clocked up 2:26 between them.  Also rigged for the day was Alan P’s Skylark.  Just to make the day even more special, Simon Z re-soloed.  Ten and a half hours flown off 42 launches and then we derigged a Puchacz ready for its 100 hour check.  Good memories for us to take into lockdown.

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