Birthday Flying

This was the first time (in 30+ years of flying) that I can recall the morning briefing including a rendition of Happy Birthday.  But then it was Tony P’s 86th and the birthday at which he had decided would mark the time to hang up his flying boots.  Tony came armed with a large home baked cake which the Wednesday crew demolished with ease.  No candles as they might heave proved difficult to light.  Tony has been a stalwart of the mid-week flyers and will be much missed – and not just for his fabulous baking (particularly his brownies) but also as log keeper in chief.  With Tony on the logs I knew I would have not only a log I could read afterwards but also accurate.

The north easterly wind held the promise of high launches and a working ridge.  Launches were between 1,400′ and 1,700′.  However, the ridge only seemed to work for those flying a Duo Discus or a Sport Vega.  Ken R returned after an hour declaring the ridge was working – to the east of the gibbet.  Second longest flight honours went Martin S with 40 minutes in the Vega.  The day was cut slightly short when the rain arrived from Newbury and cleared up by the time we had the hangar packed.  Still managed 33 launches.

As no one has posted anything about last weekend and I can’t let such an exceptional weekend pass without comment.  25 launches on Saturday with Pete Smith in the back seat for 13 of them.  Sunday clocked up 40 launches and over 10 hours of flying with Andrew P and Phil M working their butts of in the back-seat.

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