Open Week

I feel something should be recorded about Open Week 2018 even if it’s bit after the event and memory is fading.

This year opening the club for flying everyday for a week was for a Wednesday to Wednesday.  The week started of on 15th August with what was pretty much a “normal” Wednesday but a little quieter than usual and not a lot of soaring on offer.  32 launches with Chris K nabbing top dog slot with a mere 33 minutes. Main entertainment was Martin S practicing cross field landings with Colin B into the westerly wind.  Rain forecast for Thursday so a late start was posted and enough folks turned up in the afternoon for us to fit in 9 launches – all circuits barr one.   Colin B with Paul M somehow found something and stayed aloft for 41 minutes.  Friday proved to be a better soaring day but not always easy to connect.  About half the 23 launches resulting in some soaring.  With Colin B, Bob B and Peter E providing back seat services I was free to get my backside into the LS3-17.  After two very short circuits the freebie launch magic kicked in and I scrapped away to wander around for over 2 hours.

I wasn’t able to get back to the club for the next 4 days but looking at the log the weekend was far from inspiring.  23 launches on Saturday with only John D and Martin S creeping into double digit flight times.  No flying Sunday.  Monday saw a modest turnout, only 11 launches with Rob J taking longest flight honours with 33 minutes.  Tuesday was a better day but again a modest turnout.  Duty instructor, Ken R, only had one person requiring his services so he found ways to avoid boredom by having soaring flights in the Swallow and the LS4.  14 launches but Steve B, Stan O and Ken R all had flight of an hour.

The final day was a typical busy Wednesday with some soaring.  30 launches, this time Alan P taking top dog slot with 44 minutes.

Sadly no epic flights or achievements to report on but it was good to have the opportunity to fly every day (well, if you ignore the Sunday).

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