Wednesday 4th July


T21 sharing a thermal

“Blue skies nothing but blue skies” (feel free to sing along).  Yup it was blue, hot, sticky and an easterly, not exactly a tempting combination.  Despite that a good turnout from the Wednesday boys and there was a long list wanting my services in the back seat.  Fortunately there was naff all wind so the easterly did not cause any concern but that did mean modest launch heights.  From midday on the thermals got going but there were no clues as to where to find them other than circling gliders.  The Red Kites just flew low around the adjacent field where our landlord was gathering up the cut silage.  6 down on offer between thermals so it was a bit of a lottery getting that first thermal.

At one point in the afternoon 8 gliders were aloft at the same time leaving the launch point very peaceful.  There was a rare sighting – Peter E climbing into a glider by himself.  He disappeared for over 5 hours but kept an eye on us at one time from 4,600′.  Apparently, in that one flight he clocked up more time in his ASW-15 than in the whole of last year.  Bill C decided to rig his T21, rather than the Duo Discuss, which proved very popular and the most comfortable glider to fly on that day (due to the excellent air-conditioning).  Out of the 35 launches 16 were flights of more than half an hour

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