The morning after the night before

There was a time not so long ago when someone going solo was a rare event and I think it must be virtually unknown for three to have happened in one day on the same airfield and with the same instructor. Add to this a bunch of Silver and Bronze achievements and you have something truly phenomenal. (I hope someone will write it up in S&G).

So, in spite of a promising sky the next day had about it the ambience of Glastonbury the morning after the final set (who is Ed Sheeran anyway?).


That was a shame, as the sky looked good for a fast 300k. The ever present RD was duty dog and the prospect of no less than two one-day courses to deliver had necessitated the presence of ever obliging Stephen O to assist. However the munificent Ken P volunteered to shoulder the burden, leaving Stephen unexpectedly left free to fly EEF which had been conveniently left rigged overnight. So having completed the instructor shuffle, Stephen finally got launched at around midday, hastily followed by Phil M and Chris B both of whom sped off in the direction of Wells.

Stephen, having worn out all the 3kt thermals, and with a wedding to organise, graciously returned EEF an hour and a half later for me to eke out what was left. Anything worth heading for now being in Fairford’s temporary class D airspace, I was left to hang on to the scraggy bits around the edge.

But then I guess anything must be better than organising a wedding.

And thanks again to long suffering Peter E who spent the day closeted in the vehicle container welding the tow bar back onto the Pajero.

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