Saturday 8th July, what a corker!

Saturday 8th July will probably go down in club history due to the sheer number of achievements.

It wasn’t the 41 launches, neither was it the 29:45 hours flown, no it was a culmination of:

3 first solos by Adrian, Bob and Martin 🙂

1 x 5 hour silver duration flight by Selvam with 5:08 🙂

1 x 2 hour bronze leg flight, by Alex with 2:16 🙂

2 x Silver height claims, by Alex and Selvam  🙂

and finally but, not least, 1 x 50k silver distance attempt by John 🙂

The Three Amigos show their happy faces! I think Adrian is smiling but it may just be wind……

3 amigos

John was “just practising” when he landed out at Oaksey Park.

I must say if you are going to pick a field you will not do better than this one, shame it wasn’t about 4k further away from  Rivar!


This was after the LS7 was pushed clear of the runway


Looking along the manicured grass runway towards the clubhouse


John and Paul on the veranda


Very nice set up at Oaksey Park

So a nice airfield and a very nice pub nearby..

Oh nearly forgot, thanks to Pete Ellison who kindly took charge of a half day course for me and thanks also to Richard who supervised the putting away of the toys whilst I was retrieving John.



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  1. SteveB

    (Posted on behalf of Martin S)
    A HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU is due to the fourteen Shalbourne instructors who sat in the back whilst Bob, Martin & Adrian did their best to frighten, stress and physically damage them by heavy landings, dropped wings, negative g, spins, and other strange attempts at flying. Martin says ”Saturday’s elation felt like the day my first son was born, except my son didn’t take 165 attempts and 12 months to come to fruition! Getting to solo has been the hardest thing I’ve attempted in decades. ”
    Martin S.

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