Wednesday 5th April

It may have been sunny but with the wind from the north it was a bit nippy but it did mean it was straight down the runway,  1,800′ launch in a Puchacz can’t be bad.  Some bits of ridge lift on offer but most of the soaring activity was from thermals.  6 private gliders rigged.

Although the forecast top cover in the afternoon did not appear the thermals died and that seemed to be it.  Paul B took the K8 for the hangar flight and Rowland took the Puchacz for a circuit and Paul P the K13.  Just over half an hour later they returned.  Time for a couple of check flight circuits with Andy B and Jonty H – both manage to show incredible resolve by just flying straight through 5 up and not circling.

Unfortunately, what should have been the penultimate flight of the day had a heavy landing and broke the undercarriage.  Huge thanks to the folks who stayed on to derig the Puchacz and put it into its trailer as that was the only way to move it.

Almost 16 hours flown off 39 launches

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