Wednesday 22nd March (best quit while you’re winning)

I received a couple of texts on the way to the airfield to the effect ‘I’m in a deluge, so going back home’. So, on arriving, was pleasantly surprised to find the gates open. Up at the clubhouse found the usual suspects shooting a line and donning overalls. ‘OK – so where’s the new thermostat?’ So off to the Winch Shelter – the only place more unpleasant than standing naked in the middle of the airfield.

Being the most agile Ken H was stuffed into the entrails of the Skybrid while we passed him tools, parts and encouraging remarks.


Then break for lunch by which time we were starting to think about flying.


.. but being a little short of numbers Denis G got stuck into the broken strimmer. The solution involved using some epoxy resin to glue things together. As this seemed to be setting a little slowly I decided to start the generator to get a little heat into it …. it refused to start….

But it was encouraging to see that our landlord had started level out some of the wrinkles on the airfield.


So expect to see heaps of soil being left in various strategic places around the airfield.


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