Wednesday 3rd August

At last, we broke the link between days I fly and westerly’s (although it did veer westerly as the day progressed).  With the modest turnout and it being a bit lively for the K8 (also forecast to get more lively later in the day) we just had the two K13’s flying.  The day started with flying visitors – Bob B with Kaz, a friend from his sailing club, and myself with a friend of one of our junior members (plus his cousin, a friend and his mum).  Launches of 1,600′ were available and climbs to over 2,000′ but you had to be lucky to get a climb that would outpace the drift. Bob B was crowned soaring god of the day with 30 minutes.
No donuts or home baking on offer but the mini pork pies proved popular.  We were also treated to some excellent pictures of Bob and his recent exploit of flying a Spitfire along the south coast.  Also discovered that Rowland flew one many moons ago at Duxford.

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