Sunday 7th August

I guess most members had looked at the forecast winds and gave it a miss.  Members were pretty thin on the ground but the TLs just kept coming.  There was a host of Sparrows – including the brave one in the cover photo sporting provocative clothing.

Yet another westerly but a bit more lively (i.e. gusty) than usual.  After the 7th launch Liz (DI for the day) returned recommending a lunch break until things calmed down.  Those who witnessed her arrival said it looked “sporting” and Liz did admit to an involuntary cry of “goodness” on approach (more than once).  Lunch over and no prospect of things getting better (the gusts by now seemed to vary in direction) the toys were put away and most folks left without having got their bum off the ground :(.  Despite that we ended the day with a new junior member – welcome Rory (he was one of the few who did get to fly)

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