Bright moment on a dull day


Sitting in my office catching up with boring stuff – heard that familiar whispering roar – looked out of the window – Red Arrows flying past at 500 ft under the overcast in their customary two group transit formation. They banked port simultaneously forming into double ‘vic’ formation and flew off to the south. NOTAM said they were due Reading 11:22, Newbury 11:25, Winchester 11:28. Time was 11:24 UTC … Their watches were probably more accurate than mine.

Now back to the boring stuff.


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Flies gliders - repairs winches
Likes - 1024mb, brisk north winds, leek & potato soup
Dislikes - East winds, Newham

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  1. pete smith

    lead 5 are “Enid”, trailing 5 are “Gypsy…”
    they call passing gliding sites on 129.975 and will occasionally “smoke on, go” if requested politely and they have enough diesel…

    Had a talk by an ex-driver at Shenington, interesting stuff!

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