Sunday 28th June

Forecast said the rain would arrive by 05:00 and be gone by 06:00.  Pah!
28th June
On my way to the club along the A4 with the wipers sometimes on slow intermittent and other times on fast intermittent.  Arrived at the club to see winch at the fuel tank, hangar doors open and caravan next to the clubhouse.  Keen buggers all ready to get started.  No hurry though as not quite enough folk and still some rain left.  Gliding tales were spun to the accompaniment of rain on the roof.  Eventually we called it a day and got a little damp putting the toys back knowing that half way home the sun would appear – whatever time we decided to pull the plug.  Didn’t quite work out like that.  Rain had stopped as the field gates were locked but the sun did not appear (well, in Newbury at least) until 17:00.

What a contrast to the previous day when there were 45 launches.  Hopefully someone will add a blog entry for that day.

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  1. SteveB

    True, there were lots of launches on the Saturday, but that’s not necessarily a good sign. The sky looked great, but the westerly wind, dead cross, made it a bit more difficult. The first launch was at 1002, but only Chris K got away until 1243. It was frustrating to see the L****m gliders going past at height. Yours truly had a 30min flight never getting back to launch height, and even the Janus which seemed to have got away from the same thermal landed shortly afterwards. It seemed to get easier later, but even then there were quite a lot of circuits.

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