Saturday 29th

The sun made a welcome appearance and tempted a lot of folks out for the day, including visits from a couple of former members.  John T brought his nephew along for a birthday treat.  Another chap (sorry, didn’t get his name) who was a member 16years ago turned up in a Morgan.

With no head wind (and not much in any direction) launch heights were modest and no thermals so flight times limited.  Nobody managed to better (or even match) Rob J’s 9 minutes in the K8.  Canopy misting delayed the start of flying and eventually put an end to the day.  We still managed to clock up 30 launches.  Rowland P converted to the K8.  As the afternoon progressed and the sun got lower we were treated to impressive shadows of the glider when coming into land.  The low sun and the murk, however, meant left hand circuits became necessary as visibility westwards was rather limited.
While most of us were enjoying the sun and a chance to get bums off the ground Colin B and Steve B were busy at the other end of the airfield “breathing life into the Pajero”.

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