Wednesday 30th

I must be tough on Bill C – turn up at the airfield with a reasonable day in prospect to be faced with the dilemma “rig the Duo Discuss or the T21”.  On Wednesday the answer was “both”.

The day started blue, folks were staying airborne by stumbling into lift and working it.  Clouds did start to pop but going into a climb with an idea with where to head next mostly had to be revised as those clouds were no longer there.   Steve B downgraded his plan for a 300km in HZD down to 100km.  Mid afternoon conditions got significantly better – in fact about the time I returned in the LS3-17 to hand it to Colin B.  He then romped off around the Devizes/Wantage/Rivar 100km triangle.  That meant it was left to me to test fly the Vega which involved climbing to well over 3,000′, thermalling, spinning and side-slipping (all to the left and the right) all within 16 minutes.  Having helped rig 5 gliders and doing a stint on the winch Perer E returned from a 7 minute flight to discover HZD needed collected from Bidford.
22 hours flown off 25 launches with 4,000 being reported the highest ahieved.

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