Good Friday

And “good” it was.  I promised cracking launches plus thermals popping and the C team delivered – almost 27 hours off 32 launches.  I saw lift of 7 knots (on the averager) and visited cloudbase at 4,500′, maybe others topped those.
Good turnout of private gliders rigged – Nimbus, Cirrus, LS3, LS7, Duo Discus and Jantar.  Only 3 on the instructor’s list though and each of them got in over a hour of flying.

Great Bedwyn from a check flight

Longest flight honours (time and distance) went to Pete Smith who visited Northampton South, Chieveley and Calvert Rail Junction to clock up 320km.  The sky kept delivering all day – it took Paul P half an hour to hangar fly the Puchaz and Andrew B (yes, he flys as well as fixes gliders) took 40 minutes to hangar fly the K13 (resorting to spin and stall exercises and deliberately flying through lift).

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