Wednesday 11th Sept – behind the scenes

Having half unpacked the hangar, observed the gathering orographic clag and decided that despite all the enthusiasm the weather wasn’t going to play ball, we reluctantly put the toys away. Undeterred, Ken Hansell turned his hand to fixing a starting problem on the new Trooper. It took a mere ten minutes to change the battery and only another half an hour dismantling the bodywork to retrieve a lost socket.

Meanwhile a small group had gathered around half a ton of assorted metal artefacts in the hangar. Following much heaving, head scratching and moments of pure enlightenment and having deciding it could never be made to fly, there finally emerged a gantry crane.

Break for lunch.

Someone muses ‘something’s wrong, Colin normally has some jobs for us’. Reflective pause… Steve Barber mutters something about taking the kitchen equipment out of the bus. Next thing we know cookers, microwave ovens, toasters and stainless steel units are moving in all directions. Meanwhile Paul Bryant demonstrates his macramé skills morphing a plastic dustbin and a 25 litre tub into a hoist cosy while Steve Barber waves a multimeter threateningly at the solar battery charger which seems to be all Amps and no Volts.

Not bad for a no-fly day. Rain stopped play at 15:00 hrs.

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