Sunday 11th

Arrived at the airfield to a very unpromising sky but the Janus and the LS7 rigging.  The sky changed and the LS3 and Jantar also rigged and all were rewarded with flights of over an hour.  With Trevor’s flight in the Jantar of over 4 hours.  Cross-wind launches, lively landings, lots of drift and some big sink holes – but on the other hand some stonking lift (reports of 8 up) and working cloud streets.  About half the flights got to soar.

This summer crop circles are reportedly few and far between (one of the main folks doing it has developed hay fever) but we have one just a couple of miles due west of the south end of the airfield.  I wasn’t able get a photo but if anyone does please add it to the blog.

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding