Sunday 7th April

Looking at the top cover and change in conditions from Saturday you would have been forgiven for thinking that Sunday was not going to offer much in the way of soaring……….how wrong you were!

As Nigel needed to be signed off to go on his BI course we took a couple of launches in the Puchacz expecting to fly circuits as the previous flights had been less than 10 mins. Our first flight lasted 17 minutes and the second a whole 40 minutes! The lift was so good (4-6 kts) Nigel took the one thermal to 4,000 ft and finished off his BI training……….well done Nigel 🙂

Flying JPC Rod Harris managed a solo flight of 40 minutes, Mark Patterson got 1 hr 2 mins also in JPC but Graham Tanner flying with Jim Clarke in the Puchacz flew the longest with 1 hr 7 mins.

Oh and Jon Scott was introduced to the wonderful world of cable breaks by Jim!


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