Sunday……a little more :-)

Sunday provided those who turned up with some very good climbs. Flights above 4000ft were the norm with some quite good climbs.
Pete Smith flew RIV,FIM,BUL,ISL,RIV for 300.5k in the Nimbus but I only managed 140K before failing electrics, freezing temperatures, the strong desire to have a pee and deteriorating conditions around Bicester tempted me to fly back to Rivar.

Once back at Rivar I had a flight with Helen Forrest in the Puchacz and straight off the launch we contacted a strong thermal which took us all the way to cloudbase at 5300ft. For the last 2000ft of the climb Helen was flying the Puchacz herself which really made her day, in the end we only came down because it was so cold!

Great day but sooo cold!


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