Christmas flying

Is it just me or was the build up to Christmas not as longwinded as it has been in previous years? Usually I seem to start suffering around September time noticing the harbingers’ introducing mince pies and Santa hats but this year it really seemed to start a little later. There’s still the complete and anarchic scramble for food at the supermarket, and watching the people hell bent, single-mindedly focused on grabbing as much food as they possibly can because (in their minds) this will be the last opportunity to eat for months and albeit the shop are closed for just one day there’s simply no persuading them the end of the world isn’t gong to happen. It’s just another day, but with a few more mouths to feed, and on that note if these people are buying extra because of guests, surely not everyone has to buy extra?
I waited my time, carefully calculated the best time to get my provisions and pounced Christmas Eve about ten pm. Ok so I had to wade through scattered vegetables on the floor and dodge the few zombie shoppers wandering around lost in their world of Chrimble purchasing, but I grabbed what I wanted and needed and was all finished in 20 minutes.
Christmas turkey was in fact lamb as requested by my daughter, it was nice, peaceful and I needed the break.
But, festive feasting can only last so long, it’s nice to spend time with loved and of course there’s family to entertain. But it’s nice when they either go or you leave.
Once I got back MY peace and quiet my mind turned to the important things in life and I decided to go flying. The weather looked good for Lleweni Parc so I called Kevin who confirmed he would be operating.
I hooked up my trailer, good ol’ LS7 and zipped up to Denbigh. Luckily I’d found a really lovely place to stay which if you decide to go gliding up there is simply the very best place to stay, oh and very reasonable rates.
The flying was superb, and it was the smoothest wave I’ve ever flown in. I sat there it just over six thousand feet looking over Colwyn Bay and watching the wind turbines in the Irish Sea spinning like children’s pinwheel windmills. It was serene, peaceful and made the world a lovely place to see.
The ying yang of wave flying means you pay for the peace and tranquillity of the smooth air when you decide to land and boy was it rough, things flying about the cockpit, me flying about the cockpit and the glider bouncing around like a cork in a washing machine. It’s a little unnerving and turning finals at a thousand feet at with eighty five to ninety knots on the clock you feel as though there’s no way you can possibly get the glider down, but on getting a little closer to the field and still not using airbrakes you start to wonder if you’re going to undershoot. It’s not too bad really but you should have your mind focused on the job in hand.
I would have stayed longer, the weather was favourable but I developed a cold that blocked my ears, nose and throat so I grounded myself and trailed home.
I had hours of flying, blew away some cobwebs and flew at a new site (again) and had a lovely time, all this in the depths of winter, I would have had to take thirty or more winch launches at Rivar to fly this long…

Happy New Year to all of you!

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