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Shalbourne Gliding is a not-for-profit Members’ Club, run by its members for its members. As a Community Amateur Sports Club, we are keen to make gliding available to everyone and we are always pleased to welcome visitors and introduce them to our wonderful sport.

About our site

Rivar Hill is an all grass airfield near the village of Shalbourne in Wiltshire. Sitting on top of the downs in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the site enjoys excellent soaring from thermals and our North-facing ridge. At almost one mile in length, Rivar Hill is a large, safe site and ideally placed for good local soaring and cross-country flights.

Rivar Hill Airfield

Information for Pilots

For detailed information relevant to visiting pilots and club members, please follow this link.

Rivar Hill is a winch launch only site and cleared to launch to 3,000 feet (QFE). It should be noted that there is NO aerotow option at Rivar Hill. Powered aircraft and self launching gliders are strictly prohibited.

Flying Days

We fly at the weekend and midweek, which is usually on a Wednesday. We also fly on Bank Holidays, with the exception of Christmas and New Year. Before you come, please call the Launch Point to confirm that we are flying on that day.

We usually have at least one soaring/task week each year, and members sometimes arrange extra flying days if the forecast is particularly good; see the Events Calendar for up to date information.

Follow these links for information about Trial Lessons and bookings and vouchers.

Catering Facilities

There are no catering facilities on the airfield but there is a small shop in the village of Shalbourne. There is also an excellent pub in Shalbourne village, although alcohol must not be consumed before flying.

Telephone Number and Postal Address

For telephone contact details and postal address, see our contact us page

Aircraft and Equipment


Two Seater: Puchacz x 2

Two Seater: ASK13 x 1

Single Seater: Sport Vega x 1


Single Seater: K8b x 1


Use this link to see if the gliders are flying

Winch Type
1 x Skylaunch/Tost Powered by an Oldsmobile V8 455 cubic inch (7.5 Litre) engine, running on LPG
1 x Tost 04 mounted on a custom chassis Powered by a Pontiac V8 400 cubic inch (6.5 Litre) engine, running on LPG


Post Name Email
Chairman: Jonathan Garner chair
CFI: Phil Morgan cfi
Treasurer: Bob Symons treasurer
Deputy CFI Pete Smith
Publicity Officer: Pete Smith publicity
Aircraft Officer: Jim Clarke aircraft
Equipment Officer: James Minx equipment
Safety Officer: Chris Bessent safety

Child protection policy

Please click on this link if you would like to view the Shalbourne Gliding child protection policy document Shalbourne Gliding Child Protection Policy.

BGASport EnglandCASC Info

Shalbourne Gliding is a Community Amateur Sports Club supported by Sport England.

Shalbourne Gliding is registered as Shalbourne Soaring Society Ltd, a company Limited by Guarantee. Company No. 03471588.

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding