Shalbourne Gliding


Social distance guidelines now permit two people to fly together with suitable precautions. However, that still limits availability of aircraft and we are not yet able to meet our own training demand and also provide Trial Lessons.

Please contact us for advice before visiting the airfield or purchasing a voucher.

If you have a voucher which expires/expired after 1st March 2020, it will automatically be extended by 12 months to the same date a year later. Please note your voucher accordingly.

Visit us at Shalbourne and share the thrill of flying over one of England's most beautiful downland sites. We are located close to the point where Wiltshire meets Berkshire & Hampshire, 4 miles south of Hungerford, midway between Marlborough, Newbury and Andover.

Weather permitting, we meet at Rivar Hill for flying on weekends, bank holidays and most Wednesdays. Just come along sometime, and we'll fit in your initial trial lesson as quickly as we can, starting from just £45*

* Payment by cash or cheque; regrettably we cannot process cards at the airfield.

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding