Further Information on this website

This site was developed by Darren Mckillop, an independent Internet marketer based in North Hampshire. If you’d like a similar website for your organisation please get in touch. To contact me, please use this email address – dmconsultants@hotmail.com.

Examples of my work

Gliding club website

Shalbourne Gliding website
This website replaced the old outdated site which was not much more than a brochure site. The client wanted to bring their Blog in-house (previously hosted on Blogger) and incorporate a discussion forum for club members.

Technologies used were PHP/WordPress and mySQL. A commercial WordPress Theme was used as a base and heavily customised to suit the client. Hundreds of historic blog posts were imported and added to the new site. The new site features a responsive design and a private members forum.

Wii U consoles price comparison site

Wii U Deals website
This Wii U consoles website was built as a price comparison service to help people find the best Wii U deals in the UK. This console comparison website was also the UK’s leading Wii stock locator site during the stock shortages encountered early on in the Nintendo Wii’s product life cycle.

Technologies used; classic ASP, AJAX, Javascript, mySQL and a bespoke stock tracking system.

Sign shop website

Andover Signs website
signshopandover.co.uk is another website built for a local business. The site was built using classic ASP and a custom designed responsive web template. Through local promotion this site has maintained its number 1 position for many key local search terms.

Technologies used; classic ASP, Javascript and mySQL.

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding