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Wednesday 20th September

StephenO . . Flying Reports, Midweek

Low cloudbase did not bode well for welcoming our visitors from the Hungerford Aircrew Association but there was optimism that things would improve.  A leisurely […]

20160817 launch point

Wednesday 17th August

StephenO . . Flying Reports, Midweek

I was reminded that there are things in life (well, flying from Rivar Hill) worse than westerly’s – easterly’s!  The forecasts I had seen agreed […]


Wednesday 13th July

StephenO . . Flying Reports, Midweek

The day started looking decidedly underwhelming and the prospect of bands of rain passing through in the afternoon.  Second launch with Bill C in the […]


10th Feb 2016

bobb . . Midweek, Non flying day

Sacrificial appeasement of the soaring gods -thermals? dry field? A few members failed to ascend Rivar Hill, despite our attempts to dry the field..  

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding