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Wednesday 31st October

StephenO . . Flying Reports

What a splendid end to an exceptional month.  Despite the shorter day (thanks to the clock slipping back over the previous weekend) and, for most […]

Sunday 29th October

pete smith . . Flying Reports

Too much easterly, not enough wind and thermals in the wrong place all led to Mother Nature apologising with this rainbow..

Sunday 21st

philip morgan . . Flying Reports

Early birds BI training had a slight setback on Sunday. After 3 flights the misty foggy stuff rolled in and put a temporary halt to […]

Milfield Pics

philip morgan . . Expeditions, Vega, Wave Flying

What a truly amazing time was had by those members who ventured up to the Borders GC (Ex RAF Milfield) in Northumberland recently to experience […]

Wednesday 24th October

StephenO . . Flying Reports

The flights may have been short but it was still a splendid day.  Unseasonably warm, lots of sunshine, a gentle breeze down the strip and […]

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding