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Good day in prospect

Thursday 31st

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Turns out the rain that was forecast for Wednesday (with >90% probability) did not materialise.  However, Thursday turned out to be a much better day […]


Wednesday 16th

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Once upon a time Wednesdays were a gentle affair – some setting to on those jobs that need doing, a little flying and a lot […]


Mid August argentum weekend

pete smith . . Flying Reports

Saturday Well saturady was ok really, a little westerly breeze was a bit annoying and it wasnt a classic sky but it was soarable for […]


Thursday 10th August

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Yet another wet Wednesday but it was followed by a promising looking Thursday.  Enough wind on the ridge to make that work – except any […]

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Women Go Gliding in the news

StephenO . . press

Excellent article in Marlborough News about our Women Go Gliding day which also covers our recent excellent day flying the Girl Guides group.  You can […]

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