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Wednesday 29th January

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Blog entries have been few and far between this winter but then so has the flying.  The first weekend of February, as I write this, […]

Happy New Flying Year

bobb . . Flying Reports

How many winches were needed to launch this Ka-8? 4341  (click for larger image) Looks like this from the lower end of the launch 🙂 […]

Wednesday 11th December

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Fairly modest turnout not particularly surprising as forecast had rain arriving in the afternoon.  Question was when.  Unusually (?) the Beeb and the Met disagreed.  […]

Sunday 1st December

philip morgan . . Flying Reports

With a NE  wind blowing at around 10kts or so it was a good opportunity to see how well the on loan RAFGSA Skylaunch fitted […]

Sunday 10th November

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Note from Duty Instructor Richard: Fortunately all the recent rain didn’t waterlog the field bit cloudbase started rather low at 900 ‘. Luckily, we had […]

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding