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Wednesday 15th March

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Some say it’s the call of the cuckoo that heralds spring others look out for the daffodils but glider pilots know better – it is the […]


Saturday 11March

pete smith . . Uncategorised

It started off foggy but that didnt stop many many gliders from rigging (properly – being rigged), it was annual measuring day you see and […]


A glimmer of hope

Colin . . Uncategorised

The airfield was still like pudding this morning so the ‘Really Useful Brigade’ set about clearing detritis left behind after Jonty had ‘disappeared’ a large […]


Wednesday 1st March

StephenO . . Flying Reports

That wasn’t the only thermal seen on Wednesday.  Not exactly the most exciting thermal but after almost a month of no flying any flying is […]


Saturday 4th March

philip morgan . . Uncategorised

Well the call for an early start on Facebook and the text messages that were sent out ensued we got the first launch underway by […]

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