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StephenO . . Flying Reports

Shalbourne Gliding was the subject of “Join Our Club” on Kennet Radio on Monday 12th February.  The programme can be heard here

Saturday 10th Feb

philip morgan . . bronze

No flying today due to the weather but Bob and Martin both got something out of a no fly day by passing their bronze theory […]

James goes to Japan

StephenO . . Flying Reports

While James W was in Japan he managed to find a small gliding club. Before flying you need to familiarise yourself with site. The club […]

Wednesday 7th Feb

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Sunny day, wind straight down the strip from the north – what more could one want?  It was enough to tempt the pair of K6’s […]

Uni go to the Mynd

pete smith . . Flying Reports

“We (Nick and Alex) took the mighty Sports Vega for a trip to the Juniors last weekend. As our first trip with a glider it […]

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding