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Hot, Hot, Hot

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Turned out Wednesday 24th July wasn’t as hot as yesterday and not as hot as tomorrow, which is forecast to possibly top the August 2003 […]

Wednesday 10th July

StephenO . . Flying Reports

A pleasant summers day with mixed results on the soaring front.  Out of the three dozen launches just a dozen managed more then 30 minutes.  […]

More champers!

Colin . . Flying Reports

A day that started with a 05:30 run to Heathrow didn’t bode well for a good day’s gliding. But with ‘Brownie points’ securely in the […]

Saturday 29th June

philip morgan . . Flying Reports

Congratulations to Andrew and Jonty for completing their BI course with Patrick earlier today. Thanks to everyone who has helped with their training!   Phil

22nd and 23rd June

pete smith . . Flying Reports

What a contrast between the two days On saturday 4 gliders averaged 300km flights, with 217, N and 737 all getting round tasks to the […]

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