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28th June

Sunday 28th June

StephenO . . Flying Reports

Forecast said the rain would arrive by 05:00 and be gone by 06:00.  Pah! On my way to the club along the A4 with the […]

Wednesday 24th June

StephenO . . Flying Reports, Midweek

What a difference to the previous Wednesday – thermic from the start.  Cloud base starting off three times higher than the previous week.  About a third […]

Wednesday 17th June

StephenO . . Flying Reports, Midweek

This time  the “weather gods” did not smile on Wednesday.  Any other day of the week would have been a far better day to fly.  […]

Spot the shared genes

Wednesday 10th June

StephenO . . Flying Reports, Midweek

Paul B took the first launch in the K8 and stayed airborne while others did circuits.  His 1:04 flight became the time to beat but no […]

Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding