September Flying

Once again a distinct lack of posts which does not mean we haven’t been flying.  In fact we have had far more launches than last September, 313 compared to 222 last year.  Came as a bit of a surprise to me as this year we have had to contend with the various COVID precautions and not all members have returned and not all instructors are ready to take up the back seat again.  However, we only managed 8 flying days last year compared to 13 this year.  When it comes to hours flown we have clocked up slightly less this year (105) compared to September last year (119).  This may be due to the shift to midweek flying when fewer private gliders are rigged and off flying cross-country. Last year about one quarter of launches were on a weekday whereas this year midweek launches were about one third.

Sighting of the rare Lessor Spotted LS3-17 (in 15M configuration)

Looking back on September last year one weekend accounted for about one third of the launches for the most but almost half the time, with 40 hours on the Sunday of that weekend.  This year the distribution was much more even with the best single day only manging 20 hours – unusually a mid-week day.  The weekend of the 26th and 27th was rather memorable with enough wind and direction for our ridge.  Mind, it was also thermic.  One of my rare weekend visits to the club and only the second outing this year for EEF.  Top of the soaring heap for the month was Pete S with 7 hours but Jim C snapping at his heels with 6:55.  The Duo syndicate also clocked up lots of flying either in their Duo Discuss or K6

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