Into August

More wind than expected but but less from the west than forecast.  I assume the forecast was the reason for a fairly modest turnout for a Wednesday but easily enough to operate.  A day for throwing the duty instructor at the sky for a weather check.  Launch to 1,700′ in a Puchacz gives a clue to the volume of wind.  Straight into a thermal and at 2,000′ I remembered this was a weather check and members on the ground would be waiting for a decision.  Against basic instincts, abandoned the thermal and exercised various methods for using the height and back on the ground in less than 10 minutes.  Unusually a few failed launches with cable overrun without leaving the ground and a day for breaking weak links (all at a comfortable height).  Longest flight honours went to Aliaksei with 21 minutes.

A good day for surplus garden produce being available – courgettes, cucumbers and plums.

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