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At last we are able to take to the skies once more.  Far from “business as usual” with the restrictions that need observed (solo flying only, other than for those from the same household, and distancing and cleaning procedures to follow) but at least some members are able to benefit from the easing of lockdown.  We got flying on the last weekend in May so were able to enjoy a little of the exceptional “summer in May”.  Over the weekend we clocked up 54 launches, flew for over 22 hours, 23 solo members got to fly and climbs up to 6,600′ were available.  On the Sunday I returned after a romp around in the club Vega feeling chuffed to have seen 7.5 knots climb rate o the averager, only to be deflated when Pete and Claire landed in their Janus reporting 13.5 knots on their averager – astonishing.

Pete S didn’t manage to capture the 13.5 knot climb. Only snapped a “modest” 11.5

Wednesday flying that week was held on Thursday, by which time the weather had changed.  However, we managed 28 launches and 6 hours of flying and another 4 members had got themselves current.  The wind started off NNW as forecast but, then ignored the forecast and came from the west.  Most flights were little more than a circuit but Bill C defied gravity for well over an hour in his syndicates K6.

A big thank you to Tony P and Sam A for looking after the log and retrieve but were unable to fly because of the restrictions on dual flying.

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