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Yet again not much blog activity which reflects the limited flying.  Then just as there’s a glimmer of improving weather, and longer days, we are faced with the huge uncertainty of Corvid-19.

Since the last blog entry there has been the BGA conference where our small, humble, club waked off with a prestigious trophy for the most cross-country endorsements (as a proportion of the number of instructors).  Liz represented the club at the award presentation.

The club AGM was help at The Plough in Shalbourne.  A motion to change the number of elected positions and appointed positions was passed.  Also, Colin B’s huge contribution to the continued improvement of the club’s infrastructure was recognised by awarding him life membership.

Club & private ‘chutes all repacked – all we need is the opportunity to wear them

As to flying – the opportunities to fly have been few and far between thanks to the continued run of rubbish weather.  Since the last reported flying day (12th Feb) we have only managed to fly on 19th February (10 flights), 1st March (9 flights), 17th (17 flights) and the 11th (10 launches)

Look who has just landed at the launch point – poser!

Arriving on Wednesday 11th  it was very uncertain whether we would fly.  Forecast 17knots wind gusting 30+ but at least there was a bit of south in it.  Decidedly soft underfoot.  The winch was out and cables laid out so I felt obliged to give it a go. 1,700′ launch and after using a couple of hundred feet to find a thermal it was back to launch height and beyond to cloudbase at 2,000′.  Off to the side of the cloud flying straight into wind and gained another 400′.  Ah this was supposed to be a weather check so need to get back down – spin to the right, spin to the left and side-slip with full airbrakes.  Lively on approach and landing back at the launch point.  It looked as if the thermals would still be there but they proved elusive but Rowland managed to scrap 15 minutes in broken lift but was pipped by Aliaksei who managed 18 minutes.  Everyone had to put up with myself as ballast given the conditions.

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