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NB Phil: Wheel down

It is rumoured following my protracted absence that I have been granted life membership, for which if it is so, many thanks. With the change in the weather I had hoped to take advantage of the privilege, but hey-ho s**t happens. However, I’m somewhat cheered by being granted ‘front of the queue’ status at Sainsbury’s, so if the club is short of bog rolls, just let me know. As some will know I’ve been virtually housebound for the last six months, so I’m somewhat inured to the present situation. Anyway, to keep myself sane during the wet season I spent some time remembering, among other things, why I didn’t quite become a millionaire. If anyone’s interested you can find my excuses at:

Something to read on a wet Sunday.

Anyway, the garden beckons, so it’s not all bad news.

If you missed BBC2’s ‘Super Powered Eagles’ last night, do watch it on iPlayer, it reminded me why we fly gliders.

And here’s a question that has been taxing me. The brief period of mass groundings following 9/11 resulted in a worldwide increase in solar warming due to loss of water vapour in the stratosphere. Will less accompanying CO2 result in less global warming? If so I’ll be installing an air conditioner to maintain the status quo.

Keep in touch and stay well.



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