Wednesdays 5th & 12th February

There are distinct advantages in not being burdened by “work” – one gets to fly on a Wednesday and even soar.

On the 5th Bill C and Paul P took the 3rd and 4th launch but didn’t return immediately clocking up 25 and 21 minutes respectively.  A little later Tony P pipped that with 30 minutes but it was Ken R in the Vega that was soaring god of the day with 34 minutes.  James H wheeled out the winch that had the transmission problems.  Having tested it launching tyres it was time to try something a bit more challenging.  First off was yours truly in the K8, 1,600′ launch but I found a way to loose height quickly to get back down in order to see how it faired with a Puchacz.  Ken R was already settled into the Puchacz so I jumped in to provide a bit more ballast.  Launch was fine and the winch declared fit for service.  A huge, huge thanks to James H (and assistants) for getting us to nirvana (i.e. 2 operational winches).  28 launches clocked over the day.

Strangely, Saturday was flyable (but reportedly somewhat sporting) with Bob S forgetting to return to earth for 39 minutes.  There were a few other extended flights but none even got to half of Bob’s time.  26 launches.  Normal weekend flyability resumed on Sunday with a storm.

Who needs a tree surgeon when there’s a storm available

Thanks to Bill C handily having his chain saw in his car the fallen branches got chopped into draggable bits and the early birds at the club cleared the track.  Another “sporting” day with 2-up flying being the order of the day – until towards the end of flying after a rain shower passed it got a lot calmer.  A modest 16 launches with only one extended flight (Martin S with 12 minutes).  A few SUGC members were able to take advantage of few (or no) lectures to come and fly.

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