Wednesday 29th January

Blog entries have been few and far between this winter but then so has the flying.  The first weekend of February, as I write this, has been yet another scrub, this time main due to an excess of wind.  Fortunately, we did get to fly on Wednesday.  Still soggy underfoot but with a bit of care…

Snowdrops by the clubhouse

Bob B heard a disconcerting rattle in one of Denzel’s wings.  Further investigation revealed – hazel nuts.  It appears that a dormouse had been using the wing as a pantry.  Bob then went on to set the target on the 3rd launch by clocking up 15 minutes in Denzel which no one else was able to beat or match.  The cross wind kept things interesting – but not too interesting.  With 24 launches a worthwhile day.

Not what you would normally expect to find in a wing

In addition to the flying the two Kens, Andy B and Bob S set too on the club electrics.  Thanks chaps.  Thanks also to Tony P for the biscuits and home made cake.

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