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After a 3 week run of non-flyable days it was a great relief that we were able to get our bums back off the ground on 4th January (see previous post from Bob B).  Not only that but the first, first solo of 2020. Just to be certain he could do it again, Aliaksei return the following day.  So, not just one day of flying but a whole weekend.  Quite a difference in the amount of flying though with 30 launches on the Saturday and 12 on Sunday.  Mind, none of the flights across the weekend manage to get into double digits.

Different story with the mid-week flying (which sneakily moved from Wednesday to Friday) when 5 of the 24 launches got into double digits.  In one of those Rob J defied gravity for an astonishing 32 minutes (the other 4 did not exceed 12 minutes).  James H was in attendance to check out launching from the second drum on the refurbished winch.  Huge, huge thanks to James for all his work, and expertise, on the winches.  Also, thanks to the RAFGSA for loaning us their spare winch over this difficult time.

The second weekend of the year was the annual work-weekend.  Some concern had previously been expressed about scheduling it for a weekend when we could, potentially, be flying.  In the event the weather was not suitable for flying but OK for cracking on with the myriad of jobs.  I was there on the Sunday and it looked as if it had been a hive of activity on the Saturday.  The work continued on the Sunday.  After the Saturday night downpour lots of standing water on the roads on the way to the club and the airfield decidedly soggy, which restricted some of the jobs that could be tackled.

As I sit writing this post, there’s a lull between the very wet and windy Monday afternoon and evening and yet more wet and windy for the rest of today and through the night.  Prospects for the weekend look more promising (if the forecasts are to be believed) with maybe some ridge action on Saturday.

Fingers crossed that 2020 brings us lottsa soaring weather.

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