Wednesday 11th December

Fairly modest turnout not particularly surprising as forecast had rain arriving in the afternoon.  Question was when.  Unusually (?) the Beeb and the Met disagreed.  We managed 5 launches before the rain arrived, so it was time for lunch.  Lunch eaten and the rain cleared.  There was a cable out and no one rushing to launch so I felt obliged to take the K8.  Launch to just over 2,000′ and with reduced sink in an east-west line just to the south of the winch resulted in a 16 minute flight.  Clouds came and went limiting launch heights but some manged to enjoy some weak lift in the same band that I had played in.

Peter E in festive hat weaving between cloud

After almost 5 months at the mercy of the medics Peter E made a welcome appearance, climbed into the Puchacz and flew as if he’d been flying yesterday.  A gap in the clouds enabled him to launch us above the lower cloud and after descending through the clear air he ran up and down the east-west line picking up scraps of lift.

We just had 2 members going to take another launch when the rain threatened to return and we packed up.  Fun and games were had when the launch point wagon came to a grinding halt thanks to the sodden ground.  Various ploys were attempted to get the wagon home until one (assisted by some brute force shoving) succeded.

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