Wednesday 9th October

The new flying year may have got off to a terrific (or “flying” even) start but it’s been downhill since then.  Last weekend only one weather check launch over the whole weekend.  Reportedly Jim C and Chris B did the weather check and on landing declared it as too exciting.  Wednesday’s forecast was for showers, Thursday looked dryer but somewhat gustier.  Just a few stalwarts turned up on Wednesday so we got one glider out and gave it a go.  Colin flew with TL Steve E who joined on the spot.  Welcome Steve.  I flew another TL, a young chap who has completed A levels and now biding his time until he can join the RAF.  So we may well see more of him.  On one of the flights we managed to gain 150′ but at the expense of being blown downwind.  I flew with Paul P and we had a genuine low launch failure – that was a tick in the “launch failure” box for annuals at least.  By the time we were ready for another launch another heavy shower (the 3rd of the day) looked rather imminent so we called it a day and packed up before getting wet.

The highlight of the day was Tony P’s home baked polenta cake and a box of Belgian chocs that he needed help with.

Footnote: adding this on Saturday after today has been scubbed and prospect for tomorrow don’t look too good either

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