Wednesday 17th October

A day without rain!  Not only that but the sun came out, a layer was shed and wooly hat replaced with a beany hat.  Paul P offered himself up and claimed first to complete annual checks for the new flying year,  Soon followed by Bill C to take second place honours.  Pretty much a 90 degree cross wind so launch heights not great.  Despite this, Rob J managed a double digit flight on the first launch (10 minutes) which was never bettered.  The previous Wednesday’s TL, Harry C, reappeared and joined – welcome Harry and we wish you well with learning to fly gliders before joining the RAF.  Once morning lectures were out of the way 4 SUGC members appeared.  Thanks to help from Colin B, Nigel B and Ken P each of the SUGC folks, and Harry, managed 4 launches each.  Also thanks to Wednesday stalwarts who made it possible – Bob S, Paul P, Rob J, Tony P and Bill C.

Flights may have been short but it was a good day with an impressive 32 launches.

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