September the month that keeps on giving

Well, another September weekend and another epic day. Conditions took a while to get going but once the thermals organised themselves cloud base rapidly went up to 4,500 feet and almost everyone got away.

The Vega was dragged around a 300 km diamond (well-done Alex!). Matt and Nick took one of the Puchacz cross country. Even the trial lesson went soaring for over an hour. There were quite a few cross countries from the private fleet as well with 737 clocking 299 km and Bob in the LS4 bobbling 50 km down the track for his Silver Distance and returning. Martin was tempted by the dark side and is now contemplating an upgrade to the open class 😉

Not to let his SUGC colleagues have all the fun Stan demonstrated impeccable airmanship and was sent solo and promptly went soaring for an hour and managed a probable Silver height!

Matt exploits from last week seem to have been viewed as a challenge to be bettered. Well done all.

Footnote from Stephen O
Last Sunday produced an impressive amount of flying with 32:30 hours flown but was surpassed today with a grand total of 40:18.  The best September day on record and only beaten on 6 occasions

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