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A day that started with a 05:30 run to Heathrow didn’t bode well for a good day’s gliding. But with ‘Brownie points’ securely in the bank I finally managed to scramble to Shalbourne by midday. Martin S had previously declared his intention to attempt five hours, so I was dismayed to find him still on the ground by the time I had rigged the LS3. There being a dearth of landable fields it seemed advisable to stay high and head for hot concrete, which Swindon offered in spades.

The Pettitt Home for Orphaned Gliders was well represented by the ASW15 and the Swallow, the latter flown to great heights by Paul P, while the Duo, as usual, quietly disappeared to goodness knows where. Meanwhile James W flew every point of the compass until he finally relocated the airfield.
And all the while Stephen worked his way with characteristic patience through a seemingly endless flying list and then on well into the evening. What would we do without him?
Martin finally reappeared five hours and ten minutes later declaring that he would never do it again – we know how you feel.

Well done Martin!

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding