Hot, Hot, Hot

Turned out Wednesday 24th July wasn’t as hot as yesterday and not as hot as tomorrow, which is forecast to possibly top the August 2003 record of highest recorded temperature.  It was still hot and the limited shade available was very popular (as were the chocolate brownies and banana loaf baked by Tony P’s fair hand).  Maybe the heat put folks off as their was a rather modest turn out of members with 14 folks taking to the air (including a couple of visitors).  With 5 instructors (of various levels) on-site and a very short instruction list I got a chance to fly Denzel for an hour, being bounced around narrow thermals to just over 3,000′.  Denzel’s very effective air-conditioning was a boon (maybe have a different opinion in the winter).  A blue day making getting away a bit hit and miss – about a 1 in 4 chance.

24 launches with almost 6.5 hours of flying time

Vernham Dean

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