Shalbourne take on the inter club league

The Oxford Inter Club League was held at Bicester gliding club and Shalbourne’s keenest XC pilots put in a fantastic performance.

Day 1 was a head to head between Shalbourne and Bicester pilots. Strong winds made conditions challenging but both Alex J. and Tim R. made it most of the way around their intermediate and pundit tasks. Even though Alex covered the longest distance in the task, he closely missed out on first place after handicaps were taken into account. Tim secured first place in his class that day, beating competition from the (famous) Jon Gatfield and his ASG 29e.

Cloud cover on day 2 made for challenging soaring conditions. Andrew P. competed in novice task, I (Nickolay J.) was in the intermediate class and Chris B. and Laurie C. fancied the pundit class. Both Andrew and I scored points in our classes with me taking first place by choosing to carry on with the task while most of the other competitors chose to turn back for home after the second turn point.

Day 3 was probably the trickiest day. Although I wasn’t there, Chris has put a valiant effort and scoring second place in the pundit class, while Andrew took first place in the novice class.

The final results were Bicester 16pts, Shalbourne 14pts and Oxford 2pts. Thoroughly worth the short trip to Bicester and big thanks to Laurie who captained and organised the shalbourne team and Miles and everyone else who organised the competition at Bicester.

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