Wednesday 27th March

It was soarable from 11:30 to 16:30 and Stephen had gone moving furniture to the Principality!

By 13:00 all seven aircraft were airborne (four club + HBO & CDF plus an impressive appearance of AP’s gleaming ASW 15).

A welcome absence of gliders

In the meantime Bob and I got stuck into a formidable flying list including three requests for last minute annual checks…… No further comment necessary!

Then I really got stuck in JPC. My recently returned parachute was, as usual left with the webbing hanging loose for adjustment. The ‘chute I was wearing had the strap on the main lift webbing hanging loose. As I attempted to exit the back seat, the end fold of the webbing caught under the trimmer wire (see pic) and I had to sit down again to release it. Thus chastened I folded the hanging straps and slid them into the elastic retainer. Just as well I didn’t have to step out in a hurry!

Hung up – wrong!


Looped – right!

We never stop learning!

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