Wednesday 20th

At last the spell unfriendly winds passed and all was calm.  A chance to fly.  Maybe not the most attractive flying conditions but after a period of no flying the inconvenience of a 1,000′ cloud base did not deter the Wednesday crew.  Well, did not deter most, some declined the opportunity of a 3 to 6 minute flight.  There was the opportunity for longer flights for those with the skill (and the luck), such as Bob B who clocked up a whole 8 minutes.  For most one chance to get their bum off the ground was sufficient so we were all packed up quite early, when a few of us took the time to open out and refold the cover for the MT shelter ready for hauling into place (once it can be figured out how/where to attach the ropes).  Edibles courtesy of Stan O and his bargain hunting in Asda.

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Flies an LS3-17 (occasionally when not sitting in the back seat).
Promoter of gigs at ACE Space and presenter of Folk Ace on Kennet Radio.
How was it ever possible to fit in paid employment?

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