Wednesday 6th Feb

The day started far from promising with a cloud base that you could poke a stick in to. Well, maybe standing on the top of the hangar with a long stick. This being a Wednesday folks set-to on jobs needing done. Some tweaking of the hangar curtains and dismantling of the old launch point caravan.

As the day progressed, and lunch was eaten, the low cloud base lifted affording a view of smoke pouring from the Ocado warehouse fire at Andover. Mainly circuits of 7 or 8 minutes but 3 folks crept into double digits but the indisputable soaring god of the day was Rob J with 31 minutes. Rob reported never getting back to launch height but managing to maintain between 1,100′ to 1,200′. A modest turnout (maybe others knew that Tony P and cake wouldn’t be there) and a late start (13:50) but we still managed 18 launches.

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Flies an LS3-17 (occasionally when not sitting in the back seat).
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How was it ever possible to fit in paid employment?

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