Wednesday 30th

Don’t know what happened but the wind wasn’t coming from the north. Maybe that’s why it was a modest turnout. However, plenty enough folks to operate and de-rig HCF for its 100 hour check. It also meant there was more chocolate cake (a particularly fine offering from Tony) and M&S chocolate roll (‘fraid I don’t know who to thank for that)

A decidedly wintery look and feel to the day and with that due west wind modest launch heights short circuits were the order of the day. However, the views were excellent.

Proud winner of longest flight of the day – with a whole 9 minutes

After the rubbish December we were hoping for something better but January last year was the worst ever month in over 10 years (probably ever). This January, however, proved exceptional – well, that is if you fly mid-week. Only the 3rd highest number of launches but the most flying time, just 3 minutes shy of 36 hours.

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